Extruder-Screen Packs

JELLIFF CORPORATION can supply a complete range of sizes and shapes of screens in steel and stainless steel.

Our fabricating facility located in Hickory, North Carolina can fill your extruder screen requirements in a prompt and economical fashion. Also available are spot-welded and aluminum bound screen packs.

Our packs are pre-assembled in the proper sequence to guarantee perfect performance and to avoid operator error. Pre-assembly means less inventory to track and less expensive downtime.

Spot Weld Packs have screens resistance-welded at precise points. Location and number of welds may be customized for your specific machines.

Framed Packs have a seamless frame of dead-soft aluminum surrounding the screens. This provides for a better seal at the edge of the breaker plate. Frames can be customized to your exact requriements.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of extruder screens. We are certain that we can reduce your present costs while supplying you with a quality product.

We welcome the opportunity to quote your next extruder screen requirement.

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